Gawler Uniting’s life as a church is permeated with the love of God through our Lord Jesus. All that we do is done through prayer and faith. Our relationship with God through Jesus is the basis of who we are as a people of faith.


We do not see a world that is evil (even though there is evil in the world) but a world that has not yet seen what it can be when it is connected to the creator of the universe, a world that needs to be awakened to the God of love, the God that gives purpose and the God of forgiveness.


We therefore endeavour to be a church that is not separate from the world but an active participant to help others awaken to a relationship with God through Jesus. Our vision is then for all people, those who we are in relationship with as well as those who we are yet to enter into a relationship with.

Gawler Uniting Church | Become all that God has created you to be

Partnering Churches


Sandy Creek Uniting | Williamstown Uniting



Focus on restoring and healing people from the baggage and hurts of life towards wholeness in Christ.  This would include evangelism and the development of an understanding of who God is and who they have been created to be.


Focus on developing people’s gifts and skills for ministries in life as well as giving them opportunities and empowering them to use these gifts, with the discernment and support of the church.


Focus on releasing people into their gifting’s which may be inside or outside of the existing church structures or in starting new ministries such as; church planting, helping other churches in need or community ministries.


Focus on being generous in praise for people’s willingness to follow God’s call, stepping out in faith and take a risk whatever the outcome. To be generous in how we give to new ventures and new ministries by freely giving resources and finances where needed.